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On the making of The Limp's 1st Single

Outer Space Moth is quite a story - not long before we were due to leave Newcastle, maybe mid 1980, a friend of ours Brian (someone) who was the social/entertainment manager of the Teachers College (which was next to the Uni where I went) approached us and offered to let us record some music in the College recording studio and to press up copies to give away with an art exhibition (?!) that was opening at the College (maybe in a magazine???) - my memory is a bit vague on the fine points.

We spent a most enjoyable day in a music room full of instruments and recording gear with would have been me, Judy, Grahame, Glenn, Dave and Christine (maybe Wayne Williams?). We recorded Outer Space Moth and various other songs. We also recorded a long strange improvised piece we later called Animal Kingdom. In the middle of this piece there was a blast of terrible feedback.

Anyway, later we took the tape to a mastering place in Petersham (I remember going there with Brian on the train!) - opposite the Station on Railway Rd (don't know if you remember it - its long gone) - the guys there said they'd take out the feedback and press up the disks. To my horror when the Exhibition was ready to open, we heard the disks and they had slowed down Outer Space Moth (inexplicably as I remembered it was an ok take) and natcherly left the feedback in Animal Kingdom.

Quell horreur. Nothing could be done - they gave the disks away to the punters and it was never heard of again. Ive got a few copies still to this day and even dubbed it recently (6 mths ago) I think from a cassette I had of it (and removed the feedback with a wild edit!). It's no genius but it does include the only known recording of the Limp with a cello!.
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