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Seems Twice

01. Pip-Wa-Sav 01:36
02. In Pressure 00:34
03. Salient Feature 00:24
04. Side Effects 00:39
05. Abrupt Alteration 00:25
06. Panic Bourgoise 00:33
07. Anglican War 00:43
08. Wish It Is 00:21
09. Real Arafat 00:30
10. No Clear Ideas 00:34
11. Non-Plussed 00:26
12. Metropolitan Recluse 00:31
13. Look At It 00:35
14. 106 Beats That 00:40
15. Warhol 00:27
16. Apa-Sca 03:05
17. International 00:43
18. Plastic Surgery 03:59
19. Pip-Wa-Sav 02:58

JMM + Seems Twice Jams
20. Jam 01 07:36
21. Jam 02 08:34
22. Jam 03 03:51

This is the only live recording of Seems Twice in existence, I think, and it's spectacularly good. Sometimes the playing is a little frayed but the verve and attack of the playing makes up for it. Most of the tracks from the mini-LP are here + a couple of unrecorded originals (In Pressure, Panic Bourgoise) and some cover versions. These are particularly elucidating - Wire's 106 Beats That for the current punk influence and renamed versions of guitar tunes Apache, Pipeline and their ilk to show off the guitarist's technique (and to pad out the show no doubt). I remember thinking at the time that it was dissapointing that ALL their songs weren't less than a minute long.

The 2nd bracket is as incongruent a mix of aesthetics as could be imagineable. JMM were the long noodly song specialists and Seems Twice were the exact opposite - the 30 secound grab of vitality and tune. The results of their jams are all reasonably good, displaying a penchant for krautrock style improv in all quarters.

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